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We currently don’t have any New York shelf companies, please enquire today below and we’ll let you know the second we have one available.


A New York Ready Made Company includes:

  • Incorporation Certificate 
  • Registered Office


Key Features

Why a New York Readymade?

New York is one of the most sought after, and prestigious locations to purchase a company. The reputation for high flying business success is second to none, and having a business address here is guaranteed to get your company noticed. We have a variety of Company Formation New York packages and services, offering both serviced and virtual offices to our clients, financial advice and legal services. Start An American Company can even sign your paperwork on your behalf so you don’t need to make the journey during the Company Registration New York process.

What is the most common type of New York company formation?

There are Two main kinds of New York business entities:

  • Business Corporation – Inc
  • Limited Liability Company – LLC

New York Company Purchase Process

Procedure to acquire a ready made company

Your chosen directors and shareholders of the new company sign official documents that allow us to make them the directors of your ready made company. We transfer the company into your power and it is ready to trade immediately.

Changing the company name of the Ready Made Company

We can also file a company name change the same day.

Appointing the new Directors

To appoint the directors of your new company you will need to sign official forms that state this. This can also be done through giving us a power of attorney to do this on your behalf.

We will be removed as directors of the company and it will be transferred over to you. You then receive the Certificate of Incorporation , Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the Company secretarial Forms.

Established Ready Made Shelf Companies, sometimes called old shelf or established companies, are dormant / inactive companies that were incorporated in the previous years but have never been active.

Available New York Shelf Companies

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