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•    Has your company been dormant for a while and not done anything?
•    Has your company made profits but you are now ready to retire?
•    Due you need to sell your company due to personal reasons?
•    Is your company profitable and you would now like to reap the benefits?
•    Are you an agent holding a range of readymade companies you need to advertise?
•    Do you want to attract a wider audience than you could obtain through your existing site?
•    Look no further! ReadymadeCompaniesWorldwide can list your companies for you:
•    Why advertise on ReadymadeCompaniesWorldwide?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then Readymade Companies Worldwide can assist you in advertising your company to a wide audience in a position to buy today.

With over 4000 unique visitors per month all viewing the site for an average of 5 minutes per time this represents an optimum medium for selling your company. As part of a group of companies has the web presence to appeal to many industry sectors and geographical locations that an advertisement in a newspaper or traditional media cannot reach.
All visitors will be business-to-business and are looking specifically at purchasing a readymade company in a specific geographical location. Not only will you have the benefit of advertising on the RCW website but, as we form part of a larger organisation, or network of agents are constantly reviewing the site for potential business.
We will make the sale of your company very simple indeed. In fact, we can arrange everything for you from the sale of the company, assistance with lawyers for the transfer, indemnity documents and independent accountants to review accounts prior to sale. Once the sale has been made, it is then up to you to liase with your purchaser.

Is this a subscription-based site?

No. However will advertise this for you for a one off charge of £50+VAT and negotiate a commission from you for selling the companies. and negotiate a commission from you for selling the companies. Commission is agreed at the time of listing so that there are no misunderstandings. When the client purchases the company, we will discount the commission before transferring payment over as everything is transparent. We won’t charge you a listing fee but will charge a 10% commission fee off the sale price. This means that the company can be listed for as long or as little as necessary without you having to worry about repeat subscription charges.

How do I notify you when these companies are sold?

Please send a short email to inform us that the company has been sold and we will take this off the site on the same day. Additionally, just let us know if you have new companies to sell and these will go on the same day to maximise selling opportunities.
We are a sister company to the OAEC group of companies that has been established since 2003 and we have built our reputation upon excellent customer service and credibility.

If you need us to arrange any assistance with the professional aspects of the sale then we will quote for requirements, transfers, accountancy and legal services where needed and once instructed we will arrange this all for you. However, if you wish to do this yourself then once we have arranged the sale, we will step out of the equation to enable you to carry this forward.



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