Buy Shelf Companies and Ready Made Companies Worldwide is a brand name of Universal Company Incorporations Ltd  and was created in response to the high demand for Shelf Companies.

The site  offers both readymade companies in countries where this choice is available and new company formations (link to OAEC) where this cannot be supported. Subject to compliance, we offer a full range of services including bank introductions, virtual and physical office facilities as well as an introduction to a regulated accountancy provider in country to support ongoing compliance for the business. Our focus is to ensure that you are provided with as much help and assistance as you need to get your business up and running.

Shelf Companies and Ready Made Companies for Sale

Our network has many years of experience in the fields of accountancy, business and financial services, real estate, public and private services and sales & marketing. They have experience of living and working in other countries, working in other languages and with various and differing governmental and regulatory systems. This wealth of experience makes us the ideal partner to assist you in purchasing a Ready Made Company.

Our international network comprises accountants, solicitors and notary publics, barristers, regulated financial advisors and international tax specialists. All of our business associates have been selected for their expertise, integrity and wealth of experience in their particular field and their knowledge of local Shelf Companies for sale.

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