Why Purchase a Discounted French Shelf Company for Sale to Non Residents?



If you are a nonresident looking to establish either a physical presence in France, or merely want to benefit from the cachet, international respect and attractive business climate that French incorporation offers, you may be looking into purchasing a ready-made company. If so, you may wonder why anyone would offer a discounted French shelf company for sale at a price that is well below the going rate. And whether you are a business veteran or brand-new to nonresident business ownership, it is wise to question why the price of a ready-made company has received a substantial discount.

Just because a business incorporation has been discounted does not mean there is anything innately wrong with that corporate entity. Surely, savvy business owners who have already decided on purchasing an aged company that has already passed all regulatory requirements wisely understand the benefits of purchasing the least expensive option possible. You are probably looking to buy a shelf corporation in France for some reason other than owning a particular business name. This being the case, wouldn’t it then makes sense to purchase a discounted French shelf company for sale as opposed to one at regular price, all things being equal?

The money you could save incorporating with a sale price, aged French company can then be spent elsewhere, lowering your overall cost of incorporation. And as a wonderful side effect when you purchase a discounted French company for sale price as opposed to regular price is that most sale priced shelf corporations are older, thereby instantly granting you more credibility than is delivered with a relatively new or brand-new corporate entitlement. Think about it. Would you rather do business with a business that is one year old or five years old? Not only do you pay less than you would if you were incorporating from the ground up, but you also get instant credibility, delivered in the form of ownership of a seasoned and aged corporation.

But first, make sure you are not buying for price alone. You wouldn’t buy a pair of pants two sizes too small simply because it was on sale, so you shouldn’t buy a ready-made company simply because it is at sale price if it is not the right fit for your business goals and needs. Thoroughly discuss what you are trying to accomplish with your Global Corporation specialist firm in a free consultation call or online live chat. Then, if you decide that a ready-made corporation in France is the way to go, you can purchase a discounted French shelf company for sale price that will minimize your financial outlay, while maximizing your credibility and speed to business ownership.


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