Why Buy Ready-Made Companies for Sale As a Nonresident Investor?


You may wonder why someone would want to buy readymade companies for sale as opposed to beginning a fresh corporation from the ground up. As a nonresident investor, certainly both strategies offer unique sets of benefits, and since your business goals and incorporation needs will vary greatly depending on your situation, there is no cookie-cutter answer as to whether you should seek brand-new incorporation or look for a shelf or seasoned company. However, there are several reasons that make it more attractive to buy ready-made companies for sale rather than begin brand-new incorporation, especially for the nonresident business owner.

The first and foremost benefit of purchasing an aged company which has already been incorporated and passed all regulatory requirements is of course speed. Perhaps you need to submit a bid by a required deadline, and none of your current business entities meet the requirements and stipulations of the bidding outline. Rather than taking the time to build a business from the ground up, you can simply purchase a business entity which has already been created and shelved, awaiting someone just like you who needs the quickest path to incorporation possible.

You may also have noticed an advantageous business opportunity in a particular region of the world where you have no business presence or knowledge. If you buy ready-made companies for sale in that state, country or region, not only are you poised to take advantage of the favorable situation you have discovered, but you also give yourself instant credibility by showing ownership of a business that is several years old as opposed to a new corporate entity.

And finally, when you buy ready-made companies somewhere other than your native country, you get access to advantageous tax schedules, asset protection and other attractive corporate strategies which countries offer to nonresident investors. Especially during the economic downturn which globally began in 2008 and is still among us now, countries are frequently seeking ways to attract nonresident investors and the money they bring. By creating a favorable business climate to overseas investors, they help stimulate their own economy.

So, to recap, why should you buy a ready-made company to nonresident investors and business owners? You develop instant credibility by becoming the owner of a business with years of history in the fastest way possible, and with the least amount of effort and elbow grease on your part. You also benefit from the amazing tax strategies, asset protection and other advantageous business qualities offered by those governments to nonresidents.

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