Ready Made Companies


What is a Ready Made Company?


Ready made companies are those companies that have already been formed and incorporated, but have not yet been used. These companies have passed all regulatory paperwork, and have been licensed as an L.L.C., a Limited Stock Company, a Branch office, Sole Proprietorship or some other corporate entity. How did these companies come to be available? Many times, a prospective business owner will set up a company, and then decide to go in another direction, and has no need for the “business” he has just built on paper.


There are firms that buy and sell ready made companies, make sure they pass all legal and business regulations and requirements in the municipality or country they were formed in, and then offer them for sale. In this way, a buyer looking to establish a business presence can have an established, legal business in form and name as soon as possible. This is attractive for many reasons.


Instant Credibilty and Business Ownership


Many of these companies are known as having been “aged.” Ready made companies with this designation have been around for an extended period of time. This is invaluable if you are looking for instant credibility and respect in the business community. To be able to say, “ABC Incorporated was incorporated 5 years ago …” lends instant validity to your company, a trustworthiness and respectability that can only be delivered by ready made companies that have been aged.


And you get this instant “business in a box” without having to wait for all the filings and registrations that take place when you start a business from scratch. These companies are also called “shelf companies,” and that name has taken a beating in the press and received a bad reputation in Hollywood. But a valid shelf company is none other than one that has been incorporated legally, and never been used. It gets the name from the fact that it is just sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to buy it and put it to use.


Company Formation Specialists


Ready made companies are available from reputable Company Formation firms that have years of experience incorporating in countries all over the world. Be wary of any such company that only has a few listings of one type of business in one specific locale. Only deal with a Company Formation firm that can answer all your questions, explain the differences in types of companies, and uses local business professionals in the country of your choosing.


Reputable firms will be able to offer a wide range of business types, like the ones listed above, and will have a presence across the globe. You should be able to choose from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the UK, the Caribbean, Australia, Africa or wherever your business needs take you. All relevant documentation, legal business transfer requirements, transfer of ownership and any other paperwork will be handled quickly and efficiently, when you deal with a seasoned firm. So check out ready made companies today, and be a respected, credible business owner in record time.

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