European Immigration services

Thinking of setting up a company abroad and relocating to Europe? We offer a broad range of immigration services tailored to fit your circumstances, whether you want to move overseas into the EU with your spouse and children, hire a non-EU national employee to come and work for your company or transfer someone from an affiliated incorporation abroad into your business.

 We offer visas for

• Intra-company transfers
• Employers and Employees
• Executives and managers 
• Trainees
• Specialists
• Parents, spouses and children

 We offer investment opportunities:

Bulgarian Permanent Residency in the EU}

 Bulgarian Permanent Residency in the EU

Permanent residency and citizenship in Bulgaria offers many excellent benefits for you and your family.
We are able to offer the opportunity to secure permanent residency in Bulgaria through a property based investment scheme for individuals able to invest 300k euros in Bulgaria. Our scheme is fully backed by Bulgarian legislation (Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, Article 25); permanent residency is available to citizens of any non-EU country (and their immediate family) who invest in the country via an approved method. Please contact us for further information.

Permanent Residency in Bulgaria offers many benefits, including:

• Low income tax rate of 10%
• Corporation tax rate of 10%
• Highly skilled workforce
• Financially stable economy
• Free trade environment within the EU

The Key Features of the scheme are:

  •  Fully enshrined in Bulgarian legislation
  •  Supported by a UK Lawyer and well known Bulgarian law firm- Specialist scheme that offers a safe route to obtaining permanent residency for you and    your immediate family
  • Unique and structured path to allow you take advantage of the legislation
  •  You control your investment portfolio at all times

 The Benefits of the scheme include:

  • No requirement to live in Bulgaria to obtain permanent residency
  • Residency obtained in less than six months
  • Property investment is an opportunity to secure capital growth and rental income
  • Visa free travel throughout the Schengen zone *
  • Apply for a European Union passport after five years
  • Children under 18 years can be included in your application
  • Access to European universities at EU rates reduces education costs

 Securing Your Residency

To secure permanent residency, usually in four to six months, you will be required to make an investment that complies with the Bulgarian legislation. Having researched the options we have selected property as this offers our clients the optimum balance of growth potential and security. And we have structured our investment program to ensure that you have full ownership and control of your investment property from day one. Please contact us for further information on property investment details.
Five years after being granted permanent residency you and your family can apply for Bulgarian citizenship and obtain an EU passport.
Our property based investment scheme is the ideal way to secure permanent residency and EU citizenship.

UK Entrepreneur visa}


If you are a non-EU citizen wanting to move to the UK and you have £200,000 to invest, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is an extremely interesting opportunity. The Entrepreneur visa is ideal for a non-EU business person who wishes to start a business or to invest in an existing business in the UK. This should be of great interest to experienced business people who wish to move to the UK with their dependants.

We offer entrepreneurs a flexible package of services to manage all or some of the following:-

• Immigration services for the entrepreneur and their dependants
• UK Company Formation and tax authority registration
• Bank account set-up
• Introduction of existing businesses seeking investment

Who Can Apply?

The application can be made by either one Non-EU entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial team of two business partners.

You will have to demonstrate to the authorities that you have £200,000 available to invest in a UK company as well as sufficient funds to support yourself and any family members that move with you to the UK and be able to demonstrate proficiency in English.

You must invest £200,000 directly into a company in the UK and during your first three years must employ two additional full time staff for at least 12 months each.

Another important requirement is that you must be actively involved in the business and registered as a Director or as Self-Employed.

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