Dormant Companies For Sale – Why Should You Buy a “Shelf” Company?

The phrase Shelf Company has received a lot of bad press thanks to Hollywood. But in actuality, Shelf Companies are nothing more than legally formed dormant companies for sale to those smart business owners who desire instant corporate credibility and respectability. Many business owners pay to have a particular business name or title incorporated, and then either change their plans, or simply don’t renew the business licenses, allowing these companies to become dormant.

These attractive business entities received the name Shelf Companies because it was as if the company had been put on a shelf where it was stored for later use. Then, a business owner looking to incorporate wherever the dormant companies for sale were registered, simply took a gander at the virtual shelf, chose a corporation to his liking, and had an instant business.

And dormant companies for sale have already been legally registered. They are paid up, formed, titled and ready for ownership by any business owner with very specific needs. For instance, let’s say you need a corporate presence as quickly as possible, either for contractual obligations to take advantage of a great time-limited offer, bidding time frames or some other time-sensitive reason. You will not want to go through the timely registration new incorporation requires. What you need are dormant companies for sale, so you can choose a company with the name and history that best suit you, have the title transferred, and become a business owner in record time.

Another benefit might be locale. There are dormant companies for sale all around the world and in all 50 states. If you live in Small Town, Kansas, and you want to broadcast a bigger business presence, you can simply buy a shelf company with registration in the country or state you desire, and you immediately have an aged business presence there! Want to start a financially centered firm? Shop dormant companies for sale with a New York registration. Desire a business registration with overseas cache? Why not shop dormant companies for sale with corporate titling in Paris, France?

And if a business has already been legally registered for 5 years, you immediately inheit that 5 year business respectability as soon as the title is transferred to you. That is how powerful shelf companies are. They level the corporate playing field and make you a business owner that demands respect nearly overnight. But where do you find dormant companies for sale? There are many firms that buy and sell shelf companies, so talk to your business formation specialist today, and start reaping the amazing benefits that dormant companies for sale have to offer.