Buying A Ready Made Business or Company


Everyone knows that starting a new company is exciting but it isn’t easy and comes with a lot of risk. There’s the financial worries, the physical pressures, let alone the huge investment of time needed to nurture a budding business. Well there is a simple answer – buy a company that is already made.

With figures showing that many new businesses fail to make it past the first five years of trading, and many not even making it to their first anniversary, it makes sense to buy a business that comes with a proven track record of trading and has already filed in the country you’re interested in.

The appeal is obvious – the right choice will secure a business that already has strong cash flows, a loyal workforce, a healthy customer base and an established reputation within a market. This has to add up to a greater chance of success and instant credibility for the new business owner.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, it’s easy to research thousands of companies that are up for grabs across the globe, making the buying of a ready made business, relatively easy and not unusual these days. It’s particularly popular in Australia, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and the UK; but it’s worth nothing that the buying process is slightly different in each country.

That’s why it’s advisable to seek professional help to smooth the way to making an informed decision. Choose a respected firm that has years of experience in buying and selling companies overseas. In return they’ll handle all the headaches over tax and corporate issues and offer guidance on the many questions that crop up during the process.

So the sale has gone through and you’re the proud owner of a ready made company. You won’t want to miss the chance of putting your stamp onto your new “baby” and it’s worth remembering that these first few months at the helm are crucial. It’s possible that the same experts who helped seal the deal, will also be worth their weight in gold in making sure you start the way you mean to carry on. Their experience will be invaluable when it comes to helping structure the handover period with the previous owner, plus plans for any necessary training and putting your vision across to the new workforce.

A final word of warning – don’t waste hours of time looking into the wrong kind of businesses for you. In an effort to realise that company dream abroad, it’s wise to devote some time before you start looking, to thinking about what’s unique about you, that’s going to help make a certain company fly. Consider your past experience, what worked, what didn’t. What would say are your strengths and weaknesses, as well as passions and interests, likes and dislikes. It’s all relevant to what gives you a buzz in the business world and which in the long term will transfer into success for your new company.